Thursday, May 26, 2011


Former dancer, Robert Brace was named NY Daily News' "New York Top Fitness Guru" as well as Centric TV's go to fitness expert, with his blog, "Fare Thee Well." As a celebrity personal trainer, Robert used his expertise to tighten the bods of TV personalities, movie producers, models, pop stars, actors--the whole Hollywood 9 yards! However, Robert felt everyday folks deserved his top notch services too.

He then created NYLean25 as a solution for the movers and shakers of NYC that just don't have time to get it in at the gym enough to see the results they want. NYLean25 allows you to work out 3 times a week for 25 minutes each. Yes, only 25 minutes can get you lean. NYLean25 is all about fat burning interval training that is essential behind legitimate weight loss.

Robert hasn't re-invented the wheel of weightloss, he's streamlined it and made it more efficient. He's yielded amazing before and afters! Some of Robert's NYLean25 clientele have lost upwards to 17 pounds in 6 weeks and 4 inches off their waists. That's what I call LEAN!

Trust me when I say this program is intense, but in order to burn fat, intensity is the only thing that works. Most people that join have a love/hate relationship with the program because it hurts and it's difficult, but once you see your results, you're going to be completely hooked. Check out the site today for classes near you and pricing!

In case you were wondering about Robert's credibility, he has a Bachelor's degree in Dance with minors in Program Design, Injury Prevention, Nutrition, Anatomy and Tai Chi. He's also certified by Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).

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