Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Be Fit and Keep Your Curves!

Free's Fabulous Assests On Display at the BET Awards
Not thin enough, tall enough, light enough, smooth enough or firm enough! These are the media messages that interrupt our thoughts daily. Enough already!!! Advertisers do an excellent job of making us feel the need to be improved and enhanced. After all, our insatiable quest for self improvement and feelings of inadequacy means more sales for them. 
Today's woman embraces her curves. Being able to see women like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Free and Serena Williams--who are all in great shape, with great shapes--motivates women to get up and move. However, a lot of those women are wary about moving too much because they don't want to lose their curves, just enhance them. 

Training with Free wasn't about making her into some unrealistic ideal standard, it's about enhancing the beautiful curves she already has. And with the way the Tweets were buzzing, it's clear that her NYLean training has done the trick!
Today the average female model is 23% thinner than the average American woman, up from 8% 25 years ago. Only 5% of women have the genes to naturally maintain today's super thin model look. Most women only look that way naturally for a few awkward months during puberty. But women are designed for curves.Men have not been spared either. The average male model has put on 27lbs of muscle over the same time span.
Trying to live up to these almost impossible standards can make our lives miserable and turn our workout programs into a relentless pursuits of unobtainable goals. When will advertisers understand that helping us embrace our natural beauty will bring our loyalty, admiration AND sales?

Well, Nike just did it! Their new ad campaign pushes against the grain and acknowledges that not all women who are into fitness are stick thin. The campaign celebrates real women with real curves. The subject of the ad comments, "My butt is big and that's just fine." The woman also explains how her butt is shaped like the letter "C" and how lunges only make it rounder not smaller. Social media sites are buzzing with postings from women who finally feel validated, and now included in Nike's tribe. Everyone wins with this approach to advertising, we feel empowered and Nike connects with their audience and builds loyalty.

As one of my twitter followers commented "I need to go buy some Nike's this weekend to support the movement!"
It's time to embrace healthy body images. It's great to have goals, but let's make sure they reflect a realistic, healthy body image. In the meantime, decide to embrace the person you see in the mirror--round butt, thick thighs, full curves, all of it!
Watch TV Personality, Free, who is known for her amazing curves work out with NYLean25 Creator Robert Brace!

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