Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Basics of Hard Work and Desired Results

Want Results? Do What Works!!!

This past week has been a whirlwind. I just finished an exciting video project. I was enlisted by New York comedian and filmmaker Mark Malkoff; "a recovering fat kid with lingering body-image issues," to help him pull off the seemingly impossible: turn his soft, flabby belly into rock hard, six-pack abs in 30 days! We did it in 28 days, Mark lost 16.8lbs and got totally ripped. So far we have had over 400,000 views from different online media outlets. If you haven't seen it go to and check it out.

Since the video launched, I have had many inquiries and questions regarding how to get results like Mark Malkoff. I will release the diet plan and workout plan in the coming months. However, whatever your fitness goal is; what's most important is that your work out is effective and gives you the best chance of achieving the results you seek. Here are some basic principles that I live by when going for weight loss and toning goals. 

Go Hard Or Go Home: I know I sound like an ego driven jock, however the principle is simple. Fat burning, muscle growth and improved cardiovascular endurance all occur when the body responds to increased demands placed on it. Your workouts need to be challenging and sweaty. You will feel sore and at times out if breath. It doesn’t mean that you have to brutalize your body and risk injury, but it does mean walking a few extra blocks here and there won’t cut it.

Proper Form: Pushing your body to the limits is great, but always seek to do so with the correct form. Correct form increases the effectiveness of your muscle toning and strength building exponentially. Incorrect form increases the potential for injury, reinforces poor posture and wastes time. Try to isolate the muscle group you are working and eliminate unnecessary movement in other parts of your body.

Interval Training: Interval training is an exercise technique that alternates between short bursts of high intensity activity followed by short rest periods or low intensity activity. You will see results faster than traditional cardio training. Your body's fat burning activity will be in an elevated state for hours after your workout, helping you get lean quicker, burn fat faster and improve your endurance dramatically.

Embrace Your Wellness: Try to embrace a whole life approach to your fitness. We all have goals we are striving for, things we want to experience and a vision for those we love. All of these desires can only be fully experienced if we are in good health. Make the switch, stop resenting the hard work your fitness and wellness requires; embrace it and transform your life.

-Robert Brace

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